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Skyland Films is the film and TV production arm of Skyland Media, based in London. Founded by the creative duo of Alessandro Wingfield and Norman Tamkivi, Skyland Films is dedicated to telling touching, gripping and entertaining stories that impact modern audiences. We have a number of fiction films, documentary films and TV entertainment shows in production and development. See our full slate of projects below.


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Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Drama / Thriller

Production: Skyland Films

Director: Norman Tamkivi

Writer: Norman Tamkivi & Luke Hunter

Language: English

Stage: Development


Synopsis: A mother and daughter travel through contaminated lands to the last known post-nuclear-war civilization, until their paths collide with a morally conflicted military Capitan ordered to kill any refugees unknowingly carrying a deadly virus.


The film is based on our short film of the same name, which won 19 awards from 73 international film festivals.

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Genre: Drama

Production: Skyland Films

Director: Alessandro Wingfield

Writer: Alessandro Wingfield & Sweta Tagliabue

Language: English

Stage: Development


Synopsis: Albert follows his estranged son Marcel on a journey to Congo, where the latter offered to volunteer as a doctor. Only through rediscovering the bond between them will they be able to save little Ayubu from the brutal reality of cobalt mining.

The Grief Therapy poster vertical for em


Genre: Psychological Horror

Production: Skyland Films

Director: Alessandro Wingfield & Michael Masci

Writer: Alessandro Wingfield & Michael Masci

Language: English

Stage: Development


Synopsis: Amy, a psychologist with a troubled past, subjects her new patient Sarah to an unusual grief therapy. Over time, Sarah begins to take on a series of strange attitudes especially while sleepwalking, leading Amy to discover a macabre truth.

Artpreneurs Poster Vertical.png


Genre: Art, Entertainment, Travel 

Production: Skyland Films

Director: Alessandro Wingfield & Norman Tamkivi

Writer: Alessandro Wingfield

Language: English

Stage: Pre-Production


Synopsis: In each episode an entertaining presenter takes us into the creative world of a passionate artist who uses social media to promote their craft. We explore their studio, try their tools, hear their stories and discover their fascinating artistic techniques, ranging from beautiful and traditional to modern and surprising. 

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